Rangeland Weed & Brush Control

  • Brush and Weeds of Texas
    Picture ID of brush and weed species of Texas Rangelands
  • Brush Busters
    Publications on how to control several brush species, including Pricklypear, Mesquite, Huisache, Cedar, etc.
  • Brush Sculptors
    Applied Landscaping for Multiple Use Management of Texas Rangeland
  • Native Plants of South Texas
    Grasses, Forbs, Trees, Shrubs, and Vines of South Texas
  • Noble Foundation Plant Image Gallery
    Plant Image Gallery of The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation
  • Pat Bales Plant Site
    Wild Flowers of San Angelo State Park and West Texas
  • Pestman
    Accessible and FREE, PESTMAN is a 24/7 on-demand tool that provides expert treatment options for invasive brush and weed pest species.
  • Revegetation Equipment Catalog
    Descriptions, applications, and sources for equipment used on rangeland.
  • Texas Natural Resource Web Site
    Information database for those individuals interested in natural resource management of Texas rangelands.
  • Weed Busters
    Link to Bookstore, then enter Weed Buster in search for publications.

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